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1. Do you offer bulk quantity discounts?
Yes. If you want to order a quantity not listed on our website, contact us at and we’ll be happy to send you a quote.

2. I live in a very hot climate, how can I order the personalized candy?
Do not fret; you can take your favors Up A Notch regardless of the weather. Here are three options:

  1. We can mail you just the wrappers with detailed instructions and you can wrap the candy yourself. It’s easy and a great way to get the family involved.
  2. You can order several months ahead of time, so that we can ship your candy when its cooler.
  3. Or, you can choose from other items to personalize like suckers, mints, chap sticks that won’t melt like candy.

3. How do I wrap the candy myself?

  1. Wrapping instructions for miniature candy bars
  2. Wrapping instructions for regular 1.55oz candy bars

4. I don’t see pictures of my favorite brand of candy? Can you make a wrapper in a different size?
The 1.55oz Hershey® bar and the assorted minis are our most popular items, but we can make custom wrappers for different sizes of candy also. Contact us at for more info.

5. Do you accept returns?
Since all our products are personalized – and hence made exclusively for you - we are unfortunately unable to offer returns. If there has been a mistake on our part, we will gladly offer a refund.

However, we remind our valued customers to check – and recheck the spelling and other details in their order before hitting complete. You can also order a proof (for a small fee)

If your order is damaged, we will offer you store credit or a refund. All requests for refunds need to be made within 30 days of receiving the order.

6. Which countries do you serve?
Currently, we serve the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. You can complete your order online in U.S. Dollars. If you prefer to pay in GBP or CAD, or have questions about postage, chocolate sizes and brands, please contact and respectively.

7. When will I receive my order?
Most orders are delivered in around 7 business days from the date of order. If you need rush shipping, please send us an email at

Like our products, we hope our customer service is also Up A Notch.
Feel free to contact us at if we can help in any other way.


Custom Design Services

We have a wide variety of designs in several categories, but if you don’t find something that works with your décor or theme, we would be happy to whip up something exclusively for you.

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